ʺª.ʴջ 2564 Ẻ New Normal ҹк ZOOM
Tuesday, 05 January 2021

         ᾷط ح¾ҹԪѲ ӹ¡ʶҺѹӺѴѡп鹿ټԴʾԴ觪ҵԺҪ (ʺª.) ؤҡ ʺª. ͡ʴջ 2564 չᾷӫ ѡԪѪ ͧӹ¡ôҹᾷ ѹᾷ ⪵ ¼ӹ¡þºؤҡ˹§ҹ ʴջТ; Ẻ New Normal ҹк ZOOM ͧЪ 1 2 ֡ӹ¡ ʶҺѹӺѴѡп鹿ټԴʾԴ觪ҵԺҪ ѹ 5 Ҥ 2564
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